Tens of thousands of people, old, young, holding umbrellas, wearing glasses,  mini-skirts, suits, hurry up the stairs to the exit from the metro and are lost in the Parisian crowd, or stroll around Taksim Square in Istanbul…. Among these expressionless crowds which appear to be so “banal”, so lacking in identity, X,Y,Z, or Rita, Sophie and Laura walk the streets – or the pages of books….

In his book entitled ” Time Is Over”, Cüneyt Ayral takes us into the inner worlds,  the pasts and the passions for life of those people and also into their fears. This brave  and somewhat “underground” representant of Turkish literature thus puts his signature, in a very personal style, to a work  in which autobiographical references and settling of scores become part of the story.

He confronts us with the fact that all “normal” beings are nothing but individuals of flesh and blood , living, in a state of inner rupture,  their loves, sexual identities and hopes,  while bleeding  with  an internal ebb and flow. And he does so with such mastery that we are led to question our own subconscience

concerning our own “normality”.

Sexuality and the intersections of existences are the basic materials of this universe which is described in everyday terms. This book plunges us into an intimate relationship with several passing guests of this planet, who incorporate in their bodies, their souls and their entire existences, along with their undeniable mental confusion, their three sexual identities which they inhabit equally and sincerely. You are welcomed into the arena of so many short or long relationships and of hopes which are lost and found again.

                                                                                                            Bedri Baykam

                                                                                    Translation Beverly Barbey


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